H.M. Government of Camside
(always appreciates your financial support)

Citizens and non-Citizens, have asked if they may assist us financially with one-time, or regular donations, thereby helping us with the mounting costs of running the Camside Government.

The only problem to date, has been in getting people to be bothered to go through the donation process on a regular small transaction amount basis.

We have now set-up a donations facility, whereby you can now assist us on a regular basis with small amounts. However, please note that the minimum amount that can be processed through our credit card facilities is $5-00 per transaction.

To Make a "One-Time" or "Regular" Donation

Please click on "Donate Now" in order that you may complete our credit card donation authorization form. All charges on your credit card will appear under the Merchant Name - H.M. Government of Camside.

Donation Changes or Inquiries:

To make any inquiry re donations, please click on the link at the end of this paragraph, and send us your inquiry by e-mail: Donations Inquiry

To Stop a Regular Donation

Should you wish to stop an automated donation process, please send the relevant details that will enable us to recognize your donation, by clicking on the following link: Stop My Regular Donation