Creating Our New Reality
(All Thought is Creative)



"Creating" Problem Defined

Creating Your Own Reality

Creating Upside Down and Backward!

A Significant Event & the Thought Process

How to Create Positively - the "I Am" Command

Command "Timeframe's"

Believing and Knowing - What's the Difference?

Personal Power of Thought versus Group Meditation

Warnings about What "Does NOT Work!"

Closing Thoughts

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"Creating" Problem Defined

Every thought that every person has, all the time, commands a creative change in their life's experience, and collectively, adds to the "collective conscious" change in humankind's ultimate reality.

The problem is, that most People don't realize that this is what they are doing, every time they THINK!

For example, have you ever:

Hoped a situation would get better?
Wished you were healthy?
Wanted to be happier?
Needed more money?
Tried to fix a problem?

The problem here, is that you may not have realized that you were commanding into your life, the experiences of hope, wish, want, need and try, and that such an experience, most likely, was the exact opposite, of what your were desiring/expecting.

For example, if you had "wished that you had more money," the Universal Creative Energy that you command by thought, which grants us that experience, acknowledging us as being "free-to-create" Co-Creators, must remove "money" from your life, in order that you can be granted the experience, of what it is like to experience of, "wishing that you had more money!"

The little child Co-Creator, dying of starvation in Somalia, is probably thinking - "all I want is something to eat!"

The experience of "food" is NOT what they are consequently going to experience, as they didn't command "food," rather they commanded the experience of what it would be like to "want food!"

When they ultimately dies of starvation, was there anyone telling him, that they commanded that experience, as a Co-Creator?

A Creator never"tries" to do or create anything, - a Creator simply "Creates!"

Think of something that you know that you do very well, and imagine someone asking you to perform that task again? Do you "try" to do it, or do you just "do it?" Exactly!

Now do you understand our problem, our challenge?

How many of the 8+ billion People of Earth, every day, incorporate hoping, wishing, wanting, needing and trying into their thought-creative process?

What most People do not realize, is that their creative thoughts ARE being granted to them, and that is why our planet and species, is in the mess it is in today. We have unknowingly commanded it into being, and those experiences have been "granted unto us!"


Creating Your Own Reality

Have you ever had anyone tell you that "you create your own reality?"

Have you noticed, that they often tell you this, when you least want to hear it?

Annoying isn't it?

The interesting thing is, that in most cases, the person telling you this "truth," often doesn't understand themselves, the significance of their statement?

Imagine yourself in a situation or experience, which you "do not like." Is it possible that your thought process at that time, may have been to "want that experience to stop?"

Here is the problem demonstrated once again.

Again you have commanded an experience of "want!" At this point you will have then found your situation either continuing unchanged, or worsening, because you actually commanded it into your reality!

So you see, your friend was actually right - you do always "CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY!"

You should be commanding the Universe with "what it is that you are being, and not what it is that you want!"

You are not a human being, rather you are a spiritual being that is currently commanding the experience of being "human!"  Hence that is why we know ourselves in this earthly experience as "Human Beings".

When you are in a situation that you do not like - THINK AGAIN , and CHANGE YOUR REALITY!

Creating Upside Down and Backward!

At this point in evolutionary time, most of us are creating upside down and backwards!

For example, we go to work to earn money, then we spend that money on something that makes us happy.

It is not until this last "creating happiness" stage, that the Universal Creative Energy, became aware that the experience we were commanding was "happiness!"

Had you commanded the experience of "happiness" in the first place, then working for money would not have been necessary, in order to have achieved this "happiness" state of being!

For those of you that approach life from a "religious" point of view, you may remember the scriptures that said, "Don't pray for want. Give thanks for the abundance!"

To "pray" means, in our modern day terms, "Think."

What was meant in those scriptures, was a warning, that to use our creative thought ability, to command/pray for "want," would do nothing other than grant the experience of "want" into our lives.

As for "abundance," rest assured "there is enough for everyone!"

Even 2,000 years ago, we were asking why everything in our lives appeared to be going wrong!

"Life is a Process of Creation
- so, if you don't like what you've created,

A Significant Event & the Thought Process

Think of a significant past event in your life, - it doesn't matter whether the event was a pleasant or unpleasant event, for the purpose of this example.

Did the final outcome of that event match any thought process that you may have had prior to, or during your Creation of that Reality?

You will soon realize, that this was why the event happened the way it did, - you "thought" it into reality.

If there is something you choose
to experience in your life
- do not "want it"
- simply "choose it!"

How to Create Positively - and the "I Am" Command

The two most powerful commands in a Co-Creator's vocabulary are:

"I Am" and "I Command"

Keep in mind, that it is impossible to tell a lie, to your own mind.

For example, if you are not a wealthy person, a Creative command such as "I am a wealthy person," cancels out, as an ineffective command, because your mind knows that the experience of "wealth" is not an experience that is part of your current reality!

The "I Am" command is used whenever you choose an existing "pleasant" experience to remain in place.

However, the "I Command" command, is used whenever you are commanding a "new" experience into your life.

For example, to command "money" into your life, an appropriate command would be:

"I command wealth into my life now", because "I am prudent," "I am clever," "I am good at business," "I am a responsible person," "I know how to handle money effectively" etc.

Command "Timeframe's"

Part of a successful, unambiguous "experience command," requires you to be aware of the new experience's that you command forth, and the creation "timeframe."

Thought expressions that include phrases such as:

going to
will be
some day
in the near future
when it's supposed to be
if it's meant to be

all cause an experience commanded, to "never" eventuate, because the command given, has on "open-ended time frame" associated with it.

The "time frame" of an experience is part of the actual definition of the experience being "commanded into reality."

For example, if I said that "I am going to start a successful business," then the successfulness "experience" of that venture, will never eventuate, because of the words "going to."

What's wrong with using the powerful time frame word of, "NOW?"

You may even command specific dates to different stages of your experience creation:

e.g. "My new business will have reached $1,000,000 sales by 31st December," "I will have 50+ staff employed by 31st March," "I will be a marketing force to be reckoned with by 30th June," etc.

"All thought is Creative - however, what you say, is not necessarily so!"

You are in every moment deciding "Who you are!"

There is no limit as to what you can become.

All matter is "mind" materialized.

You are pure spirit, trapped in a body! You are pure energy.

As a matter of fact, "The body is the greatest handicap that the mind has to work with!"

Famous scientists of our past, such as Einstein, discovered that "energy can never be destroyed," and for that reason "the human spirit is infinite."

Believing and Knowing - What's the Difference?

It is important for you to understand the significant difference between the two words, "believe" and "know," for what most people do not appreciate, is that these two words are opposites!

Definitions - Merriam-Webster Dictionary

"BELIE" - [1a] to give a false impression of [1b] to present an appearance not in agreement with [2a] to show (something) to be false or wrong [2b] to run counter to

"BELIEVE" - [1a(1)] to have a firm religious faith, to consider to be true or honest [1b] to accept as true, genuine, or real, [1a(2)] to have a firm conviction as to the goodness, efficacy, or ability of something [1a(3)] to hold an opinion

"KNOW" - [1a(1)] to perceive directly: have direct cognition of [1a(2)] to have understanding of [1a(3)] to recognize the nature of [1b(1)] to recognize as being the same as something previously known [1b(2)] to be acquainted or familiar with [1b(3)] to have experience of [2a] to be aware of the truth or factuality of, [2b] to have a practical understanding of

It is imperative that you understand that "BELIEVE" and "KNOW" are opposite in meaning.

For if you "BELIEVE" that something is true, it is because you do not as yet "KNOW" it to be true.

Conversely, if you "KNOW" something to be true, you are no longer in a state of wondering as to whether "BELIEVE" it or not.

Now look at the construction of the word "BE-LIE-VE," in conjunction with the meaning of the word "BE-LIE" above.

Keep this thought in mind, and look at the first definition of "BELIEVE," where it says "to have a firm religious faith," and then ask yourself the question - "why are all religions referred to as religious be-lie-fs?" Have you, ever been asked, "what is your religious be-lie-f?"

Yes, that's right, we've all been tricked once again by the Dark Agenda, into be-lie-fs that we are anything other than who, and what we are truly capable.

We are all Co-Creators of unconditional love, capable of creating any experience into existence, simply by way of our POWER of THOUGHT!

None of what we tell you in this section will work, if you be-lie-ve that your "creative thought" will work.

Your power of "creative thought," ONLY works, when you KNOW that it works!

To BELIEVE is to accept another's truth
To KNOW is your own CREATION
(above comment submitted by anonymous visitor to our website)

Remember, the Bible says words to the effect:

"as you go forth and create,
imagine that what you desire is already in place,
and it will be granted unto you
before your very thought process is complete!"


"Cast the mountains into the sea,
and watch them go forth!"

KNOW, and don't just BE-LIE-VE that you can do anything, and it will work for you forever!

Warnings about what "Does NOT Work!"

As you have been cautioned in the Bible - Do NotPRAY for Anything, as the word "PRAY" means to ASK for something, and effectively commands the experience of "WANT!"

Personal Power of Thought versus Group Meditation

While it is a very powerful process to get as many People as possible concentrating on a common thought, at a particular time, doing so when competing against the knowledge known to the Dark Agenda, is fraught with danger!

The Challenge

Let us face the realities of life, and the way the human being currently thinks:

1. People in general, are lazy by nature, and can't be bothered working out, for example, what the common time frame is, that they should meditate as a group, so as to be in line with others elsewhere in the world

2. Those in substantially different time zones, are often not prepared to get up in perhaps the early hours of the morning, so as to coordinate their meditation efforts, with those that are in a more reasonable or convenient time frame elsewhere

3. In promoting the exact meditation time-frame centrally, for the purpose of coordinating an overall meditation event, the Dark Agenda, they being only too aware of the effectiveness of such a collective consciousness thought command process, will delay any retaliatory or destructive thought processes of their own, until they know that the bulk People meditation process has completed

The Powerful Alternative

Do not coordinate your creative thought efforts with others, rather, you should be thinking your positive creative thoughts at every moment that you have time to do so.

This means that the Dark Agenda not only has no warning of "thought times" that they should avoid, but it also means that they are being bombarded world wide, with Light Being, positive creative thought energy, relentlessly, 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

This means that you individually are appropriately strategic, and powerfully effective.

Closing Thoughts

It is not our responsibility to "create" destruction, rather it is our job to "CREATE OUR NEW REALITY."

The Dark Agenda is already concentrating on their ultimate demise, as they know that they have been caught.

They are very much creating their own Karma, and their own ultimate destruction.

If at the same time, you are "CREATING OUR NEW REALITY," then the effective creative energy doubles in power, and ultimate effectiveness.

Most People think they understand Karma (the effect), but very few can tell you what Kerma is (the cause).

If you apply your creative thought process powers correctly, you will cause (Kerma), the desired effect (Karma), and we will then all enjoy OUR NEW REALITY, for we will then KNOW how everytime, by positive thought, how we can COMMAND our planet into its GOLDEN YEARS.

One of the many jobs that I chose to do in this incarnation on Earth, was to remind fellow Humans, how their creative thought process works.

What I have shown you above, is the ONLY WAY THAT IT WORKS!

You should all now realise, from your personal experience, is that what you have been thinking, in past and current incarnations, "has never worked for you, as you had intended!"

If you choose to change your reality, then simply change your thought about it, and when you once again become proficient in executing your powerful thought process, you will again be Co-Creators, capable of changing your reality instantly!

There is nothing faster than the speed of thought - it is instantaneous!

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience,
rather we are spiritual beings having a human experience"

or put in the context of the above text:

"we are human beings now,
as we commanded the
experience of being human!"

As Co-Creators,
we have remembered,
"How to Create our New Reality"

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