Conference, Discussion & Seminar
Internet Accessible Facilities


Conference, Discussion and Seminar Facilities

We have introduced a great new Internet-accessible, conference software, which will allow people world wide to audio and visually interact with our key players, at both H.M. Government of Camside and Terra Nova Cache, live, through their existing Internet facilities.

By downloading the "free" Camside conference software download link below, you will be able to chat about any issues between yourselves, or you chat with the main players at H.M. Government of Camside, on days and at times as advertised in these conference facilities.

Conference attendees can interact with the speakers, by typing their inquiries as text, or by using the audio/speak facilities, while everyone else in the room can benefit from listening to the questions and answers as they pass between conference room attendees and our presenters.

Downloading the Software

Click on the following download link:

1. When the file download window appears, select "run" or  "open"

2. When the "Winzip" window opens, double click the file object "Camside.exe"

3. Log in by keying in at least your first name, however, first and family name would be preferable

4. Once this software has been downloaded a new icon  will have been added to your desktop.  To access our conference facilities at anytime in the future, simply double click this  icon from your desktop.

What do you need on your computer?

The easiest way to interact with these new facilities is to purchase a microphone/headset for your computer from any P.C. dealer or shop.

Shortly, the conference software will also accommodate web cam facilities.

These facilities will work to provide high quality sound, clearer than that provided by telephone telecommunication providers, using either Internet dial-up or Broadband/ADSL facilities.

However, Broadband/ADSL facilities are preferable for those wanting to take advantage of web cam facilities at a later date.


Anyone hacking access into the data stream as it moves between conference presenters and attendees through the Internet, will encounter an encrypted data stream, which will sound to them as cracks, whistles and pops.

Anyone of course can download the software from our website, or as the link may be passed from time to time by attendees to others.

However, should anyone enter a conference room, and who subsequently chooses not to identify themselves, any room moderator, (depicted by having their name colored blue), may reject or ban such a visitor.

Future Conference Features

Soon we will be running our seminars via these facilities, in which you will be able to see web cam images of the presenters, as they present their Power Point presentations, in much the same manner as we do now at our live presentations.

All conference room attendees are listed to the left of the Conference facilities screen, and any visitor can audibly, and web cam-visually, interact with other conference attendees, or seminar moderators/presenters

When conference attendees ask questions, their audio and web cam image will selectively transmit to the rest of the seminar attendees, so that others may see who is asking questions of our moderators/presenters.

We can now cater for people world wide, who previously could not attend our live seminars, thereby giving them live access to our Government team players, regardless of where our presenters may be located world wide, from time to time.

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