The Remote Writings of Evangeline

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What is Channelling?

Channelling is the process, or meditation ability, in which information is received, as a result of an advanced psychic ability, available to a growing number of People on Earth at this wondrous time.

Information retrieved from the Universal Mind, also known as the "Acachic Records," (the "Acachic Records" contain the knowledge of all that has ever been, is, and will be, in the Universe), can be accessed, and a two way communication with these Spirits or Guides, provide answers to People that have this advanced psychic ability.

Everybody has access to this psychic ability, the activation or memory of which, is dependant upon the level of awareness of the human being at that time.

Perhaps the more common known Channellors, are those to whom People go for clairvoyant readings, in which they, through these clairvoyant readers, ask questions, more commonly associated with their future.

The Clairvoyant receives the question in their mind, and the Entity, Spirit or Guide, returns the answer in the form of a telepathic image, using the Clairvoyant's education language skills, to express the answer, more commonly by speaking the answer through the Clairvoyant. The Clairvoyant is often referred by these Entities, as the "Instrument, through which they communicate."

Evangeline who resides in Melbourne Australia, started receiving visions at a very early age, and represented these visions to others verbally and by a process named "remote writing". Evangeline's clairvoyant messages herein, are expressed through her psychic ability called "remote writing," during which time, Evangeline, upon being called into communication, allows the Entities to take control of her writing hand, and through Evangeline, they express their message to humankind on Earth.

The remote writing messages, currently being expressed through Evangeline, seem of recent times, to be messages which the Entities consider of importance to the People of Earth at this time, often giving their assurances, that all is in control, as they assist us with our planet and species 5th dimensional transition.

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