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Now you can fry potatoes without using oil for FREE!

The industry launched an appliance designed entirely for the fry addicts: a fryer that is cooked without oil. The appliance is already on sale in our country.

On the eve of Mother’s Day, appliance chains are offering the oil-free fryer at $ 1,799, with the option of paying it in up to 12 installments with no card interest. For fry addicts, it can be an investment that is quickly recovered in health.

Marcela Leal, director of Nutrition at Maimonides University, said that “products with this technology were already sold abroad and yes, they are healthy”.  The technology referred to by the expert uses the dry heat as a method of cooking, which gives them a dry texture and crisp food. “

There are also combined ovens, where the humid heat or steam cooks the food and the dry heat brings the dry and golden crust and there are microwaves combined, “Leal explained . According to the specialist, the result depends on the appliance, but” in most The cases are very suitable. It is essential that there is a balance between the steam or moisture that cooks the food and the dry heat that will brown the same. The domestic appliances have thermostats that regulate both functions. “

Finally, Leal gave advice that a fry is not harmful to the body:” You have to cover the food completely with oil and control the temperature, because when the oil gets very hot and Dismisses black smoke is gastric and intestinal irritant.You also have to remove food leftovers that accumulate (like the breadcrumbs of milanesas) and not keep oil from one fry to another, “he said.

And one last recommendation: “Although many people believe that with little oil can be cooked, for example milanesas baked, it is not advised because the oil in that little quantity is oxidized.”  For more information visit http://www.cocina-espanola.es/freidora-sin-aceite/

Why Hamburg has banned coffee capsules and why it might not be the only city to do so?

Hamburg has officially become the first city to ban the use of coffee capsules in government buildings . We refer to the Nespressos, tassimos, dolce gusto and other caffeine pods have conquered much of homes, offices and hearts around the globe in recent years.

It is the only policy that will hold the Hamburg government, an ecologist momentum in the same line which marked decades (in the German area and in this sense, take us years ahead ). No, the city will also suppress public purchase other polluting materials , which not only enter the coffee capsules but also bottled water, disposable dishes or cleaning products containing chlorine. Incidentally, administration officials will yield bicycles and offer subscriptions to public transport.

The plan is carried out by SPD and the Greens , presided over by Olaf Scholz and governed in this area by Jens Kerstan, Minister of Environment and Energy. His proposal is ambitious, and since late last month , which is the largest port city in Germany launched a “guide green shopping”, a document of 150 pages in which detailed what kind of products can be purchased and a sustainable alternative.

But why go against coffee capsules?

“The coffee capsules require unnecessary resources for manufacturing and generate excessive waste. They can not easily recycled because mixed plastic and aluminum. There are 6 grams of coffee and 3 grams of packaging. It is a waste. So in Hamburg believe that this product It must be paid with the taxes of citizens “

These are the declarations of Jan Dube , member of the Department of Environment of the City of Hamburg and one of the greatest voices against the “kaffeekapselmaschine” , those machines that prepare one in eight coffees sold in Germany.

These cartridges innocent energy that make us feel as if it were an RPG are actually a big headache for Environment Watchers . Since the mid-2000s consumption has not only grown, to the point that, if you add up all the capsules manufactured by the leading packaging worldwide (Keurig) in one year, you can give twelve times around the world . Manufactured in 95% of cases with a mixture of plastic and aluminum , recyclable plants most of our cities are not prepared for recycling, and as the Hamburg minister said, “all this packaging is environmentally unsustainable.”

So many are bought Nespressos to have to worry about?


According to Ross Colbert , an analyst at Raboban k, between 2007 and 2014 the market grew coffee in capsules globally at an annual rate of 26%, eight times faster than other modes of coffee together. Colbert also points out another fact: although coffee consumption grows 1.6% every year, capsules carry a growth rate of 9% per year since 2011 . By 2013, consumption of George Clooney sponsored doses exceeded that of drip coffee makers . In the United States, consumption points to 25%, but Europe is, along with the country of freedom, the other major consumer (together account for 90% of sales). The old continent, countries like Italy, Switzerland or Spain will head drinking coffee under this system, but in Germany falls to 13%.

Despite the overwhelming numbers, to this analyst it recognizes the negative effect on public opinion in recent times about the sustainability of this new system of coffee consumption. Even John Sylvan ‘s father calls the K-cup and container used mainly across the pond, commented in The Atlantic ashamed of his creation. “Some days I feel really bad about what I’ve done , ” he told reporters. Also, “no matter what they say traders, these capsules will never be 100% recyclable.” Worse publicity for the goose that lays golden eggs Nestle , impossible.

The problem is not only the flagship companies, we are us

Survey by the Organization of Consumers and Users in Spain in 2012

We can not hold, exclusively, to the manufacturers of these legos productivity. First, because not all coffee capsules are harmful to the environment . In fact, the Senseo , of Phillips , are biodegradable. But the rest of those that, among which are Nespresso, Bosch and other major brands (not white, as Hacendado or Dia) have numerous collection points of used capsules.

It is one of the policies of these companies, who believe not only in offering a product but a service. So they themselves are responsible for recycling, in the case of nespresso compatible capsules sg offering more than 900 green points, both in its stores and elsewhere, which processes in their own plants to recycle aluminum.

Packaging generated by countries. ARPAL, 2011.

Second, because it is governments that are faced with a kind of legal vacuum of this new and very used packaging. For example, the Spanish legislation does not consider the capsules as containers, so that should not be recycled by the same channel as this waste. The Germans, who have not chosen to incorporate systems prepared for this contingency recycling forget to comment on the benefits of recycling aluminum that they are using, in some cases, to manufacture automotive components. Laudable and desirable, since this material can have many lives, especially used in the industrial sector.

And while coffee companies in doses sweep for home and speak translate to 100% the number of recyclables 2020 , the fact is that people continue to consume a huge amount of these pills than for example in Spain, It recycles less than 20% . If many Western and costs us sort out the garbage container organic separating, imagine all those hybrids much more difficult to differentiate products. ¿ The pizza carton where should we put it? ¿ Where used oil going ? Coffee capsules carry more coffee package, so go to the regular trash, right? Error.

In addition, so judgment Piotr Barczak , responsible for waste policy of the European Environmental Bureau , “the issue is not the capsules or non – recyclable, but to reduce this tremendous amount of unnecessary packaging we throw away every day at the trash”.


What other places could carry out this practice?


Germany is one of Europe’s leading references in the so – called green transition to renewable energy, and Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany after Berlin. 1.8 million German inhabitants have given the green light (sorry) to this new ecological revolution because the environmental consciousness of its citizens is palpable at street level , but much of the population in various parts of the world see askance these small dose and more will join this policy.

For example, a survey in the UK by the consumer magazine The Grocer indicates that one in ten Britons believe that “coffee capsules are very bad for the environment” (yes, 22% of those admitted have a of these machines at home). also in Edmonton, Canada , those of K-cups have had problems with local organizations in a new program of intensive recycling for all urban waste has been found that it is impossible to manipulate them with tools of which the city has been chosen to put a temporary solution until you decide what the final solution.

Political technique for your first meeting Business English

I remember when I was a corporate lawyer, I had to attend, on one occasion, at a meeting in the Commission of the European Union based in Brussels. In this place, the lingua franca is English, although Brussels is estimated that 50% of the population is francophone.

At the meeting there were technical representatives of about 6 or 7 member states. I remember in particular two, from different countries, which did not open to mouth throughout the meeting. Were they spies? No, just they did not know English. As you see, it is not something so strange and not only happens to you.

If I had let advise, I would have said: “Look, what you have to do is use the technique political.”

And what is the “technique of political”? 

A technique I learned from a student who had been political.

He said : “When I was a young politician and went to my first press conferences used to respond to journalists .; exactly what I thought until I had an important position in the administration then advised me that my advisers.  P reguntaran it they asked journalists, I should say a single speech. So there would be no place for mistakes and found that it worked .. “

When you see on television a press of a politician, look carefully to what extent really answer the questions, or repeats what he had come to say. You will find that some are better than others using this technique como aprender ingles fluente.

Therefore, for your first meetings in English, learn your speech by heart, repeat it hundreds of times, and when the time comes, you say it slowly and preferably towards the end of the meeting, so that there is no time to ask you. The rest of the time, try tododge the dialogue. With this technique, at least, you’ve said what you meant; which is better to say nothing at all .

Of course this solution has limited use and effective. This is just to muddle through. Then when you’ve practiced more and you start having more proficiently, you can go really talking with your partners and talking normally. But, of course, that takes work and effort.

For our guide to survive at work in English, I have prepared this week a post with examples of conversations in English. Hope this can help you.

5 Movies that talk about the political reality in the world

Politics is a difficult enough issue for humanity, knows five films that offer a perspective on the world situation.

“I think you can not be a man, much less an artist, without political consciousness. Art is politics. “

Luchino Visconti


The policy has always been a very complicated and controversial issue for humanity, today there is a perception that the world is a kind of political chaos in which many interests come into play economic and social . This is a relationship that is in permanent tension as it is a game of power between the people, the government and world peace.

In our country, politics is perceived as somewhat obscure any product of several economic and social situations that have fostered a pessimistic perspective that governs the political environment in our country.

However the art as a reflection of its context, is not free to talk about the different perspectives on the political reality in which we live, and for this work the film is dedicated to telling the stories that are hidden behind decisions policies of governments around the world.

Fahrenheitº Magazine and movie2k presents five films that talk about different political contexts around the world but serve to create awareness among people who see situations that apply to us all and that are common in the nature of our humanity.

What is your favorite movie? What do you think is needed?

1. Z 

Costa-Gavras is undoubtedly one of the most important figures of all time the filmpolitician, masterfully depicting real stories of social and political repression. The “Z” production recreates  the murder of the Greek Democratic leader Grigoris Lambrakis . Costa-Gravas makes proposals for genuine courage considering that were made during the dictatorships orchestrated by the same characters referred to in his films.

2. Butterfly’s Tongue

5-the-world movies-to-talk-about-reality-politics-in-

A professor of the Franco era in Spain creates an important relationship with one of his students in helping you to face your fears, especially predominant when the dictatorship comes, in this case the victory of General Franco in the Spanish Civil War. a profound metaphor for the loss of innocence and hope of an entire people, when we stop being able to tolerate goodness.

3. Herod’s Law

5-the-world movies-to-talk-about-reality-politics-in-

Herod’s Law can say is like the novel unauthorized history of politics in Mexico , a very good film that helps understand the management of laws and behavior of many politicians not only in Mexico but the world.

4. The Lives of Others

5-the-world movies-to-talk-about-reality-politics-in-

The Lives of Others is a film about the social control carried out under the totalitarian communist regime in Berlin during the Cold War.

5. A Summer in La Goulette

5-the-world movies-to-talk-about-reality-politics-in-

In 1967, three friends, Youssef Muslim, Jewish and Giuseppe Jojo Catholic , live with their families in La Goulette , the port of Tunis . His daughters, MeriemMuslim, Gigi Jewish and Tina Catholic, who are also friends, decide to lose their virginity, each with a boy from a different religion from yours. The attempt failed because their parents learn and get up on time. At the end of the film, begins Six-Day War, breaking the good understanding between different religious communities.

The diet that the US government advised its citizens

The government of the United States published the 2015-2020 edition of its  old school new body review , a guide in which  the Department of Health and Human Services  establishes the rules are designed to help Americans prevent disease and obesity

This dietary guidelines are reported everything from packaged food labels for subsidized school lunches to the advice of doctors. And the main message has not changed much over the years: eat fruits and vegetables. whole grains and seafood too. And keep the sugar, fat and salt in moderation.


This year, however, it emphasizes moderation in consumption of sugar. A new recommendation is that the added sugar should be 10% of daily calories. That’s about 200 calories a day or more or less the equivalent of a 473 milliliters sugary drink (16 ounces). The recommendation is part of a broader effort to help consumers identify added sugars naturally occurring like those in fruit and milk.Added sugars usually add empty calories to the diet.

Americans also need to reduce salt intake, the government says.New figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Disease Prevention show that about 90% of people eat too much. The average person ingests 3,400 milligrams of sodium a day, and the guidelines say that everyone should reduce that amount to 2,300 milligrams, equivalent to a teaspoon.

Consumer groups welcomed the publication of the guide as an important step in a country where more than a third of the adult population-about 79 million people are obese.


The rules follow the recommendations of an advisory committee in February it urged to reduce the consumption of red meat, but takes up less cholesterol intake in recent years.

2015-2020 dietary rules do not contain advice to limit cholesterol eggs in their “key recommendations” which urged people to consume foods with “the lowest possible level of cholesterol as part of a healthy eating pattern.”

Saturated fats also must total less than 10% of daily food intake.

Eating less red meat is linked to a lower risk of heart disease and stroke, as well as obesity, type 2 diabetes and some cancers, says the guide.

also recommends a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise and based on vegetables and whole grains diet.

“The tips included in the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans are healthy, reasonable and are based on science,” said Michael Jacobson, president of the Center for Science in the Public Interest.

You can see the full recommendations of the Dietary Guidelines from the US government  on this page .

2500 dentists leaving the public system

Children and welfare recipients will not have to pay the price of this showdown promises Couillard

images (1)The Association of Dentists of Melbourne (ACDM) puts his threat. A little more than 2,500 dentists will leave this morning the public plan, and taking hostage thousands of children under ten years and welfare recipients who will now have to pay for dental care they deserve. A perspective that Melbourne intends to nip in the bud, whatever the means it will put forward to achieve this. In February, Health Minister Philippe Couillard had proposed a rate increase being 24 % over six years. Tuesday, he made ​​a step further by offering a bonus of 40%, but this time over 12 years. The proposal sparked outrage ACDM, which saw it as “a real booby trap, a new decoy intended to throw big numbers in public opinion to justify the unjustifiable.” Surprised by the tone adopted by the association to qualify its improved offer, Minister Couillard has publicly regretted the turn of events. “There is disproportion between the objective state of negotiations and the pressure means that dentists intend to place,” he said on the sidelines of a press conference. The minister did not intend to throw in the towel and promises to continue negotiations. Certainly, none of the 802 000 children under 10 years and 416,000 targeted social assistance will have to bear the brunt of this arm iron, promised Philippe Couillard.

“The law [health] has mechanisms that allow us to protect vulnerable customers from the impact of this type of pressure.” The ACDM works besides a Plan B will take the form of a government decree filed within days. The Minister will give all the details this morning.In the meantime, parents will lengthen dollars to look after their offspring. They will then be reimbursed according to a formula to be determined, a situation deemed “quite deplorable” by Minister Couillard. This period of uncertainty is however very short, promised her publicist, Isabelle Merizzi.

“The government decree will be effective within days. By then, we hope that dentists choose to be understanding. ” But already the parents and welfare recipients have canceled their appointments, lack of sufficient means to cover the costs of consultation, confirmed yesterday the ACDM. The government has only itself to blame for this situation, sliced ​​its President, Dr. Serge Langlois, in a telephone interview. “It’s unfortunate, but we have always been in good faith. There are now five years we want to negotiate. But Quebec chose to wait to the last minute to react. It’s not serious. ” A decline Engaged in an unprecedented showdown, ACDM, intends to stand firm.

“There is no turning back,” confirmed yesterday Dr. Langlois. In fact, recent government proposals are “a further decline for dentists.” Currently, a dentist who treats a child or a welfare recipient receives compensation equivalent to $ 10 per hour after all assumed operating costs. Quebec proposes to increase this ratio to $ 26 an hour. This is much less than the $ 80 per hour that are dentists with their regular customers. Aware that the catch is big,ACDMrequires a $ 60 fee per hour.

“We are ready to continue treating this discount to customers, but not at any price. Currently, all my staff is better paid than me when I treat an insured person! “, Illustrated Dr. Langlois. On average, a dentist earns between 125,000 and $ 150,000 per year. The crux of the problem goes far beyond the issue of pricing, said Dr Langlois. Dentists demanding for years that Quebec distinguishes their pay operating costs they have to take to roll their private clinics. In 2003, a letter of agreement to that effect had even been put forward by the Minister of Health of the time, François Legault. Upon arrival, Philippe Couillard had, however, chose not to respond.

In 2003, the report released from Dentist Melbourne acknowledged that operating costs increase by at least 3.5% per year. At that rate, the 3% per annum offered by Quebec does not even ensure the status quo, yesterday denounced Dr. Langlois. “Clearly, the minister did not seek a settlement but a favorable position in the eyes of the public and colleagues of the council of ministers,” reads the statement released by the ACDM morning. Every year, Quebec pays about $ 100 million in compensation to the dentists to perform dental care provided free to children and welfare recipients. This customer does not carry much weight since it is in fact 10% of all visits made ​​in dental offices.

Political renewal comes to furniture Congress

Armchairs next to one of the moving vans.

These days, the offices of the Congress of Deputies are a continual coming and going of furniture , chairs, table tops large … that circulate through the building. A considerable chaos.

In some areas inside the hemicycle you can be seen even plastic protectors that cover entire aisles, workers in offices and advisors of parliamentary groups like those we can- moving old chairs from one place to another.

Some of them have brought to the sidewalk surrounding the House . In addition, a moving truck stopped in front of the door of Congress in the street Cedaceros , almost permanently.

Congressional sources have told The Sneak that there is no work or moving, but “are enabling new offices “. Hence the continuous transfer of furniture.

Once the Chamber has assigned spaces, the parliamentary groups are adapting “to their needs.” Moreover, ” everyone can decide for yourself what it is and what is not , ” explain the sources.

The Sneak has also learned that in the parking of the House have been deposited other furniture that perhaps some grounds decorated in previous legislatures.

Below you can see images of this transfer in Congress, click here to see all:Moving truck in front of the door on the street Cedaceros Congress.

Moving truck in front of the door on the street Cedaceros Congress.

Operators introduced a table in Congress.

One of the halls of offices where they are making changes and reforms.


Creating a Web Site of political news

The Federal Trade Commission regulates, to some extent, marketing statements that people can make your website at nom domaine(or in advertising housed elsewhere). These rules prevent people from making false statements, exaggerated or misleading claims about their products. The guidelines also require website owners to make the payments received in connection with a guarantee, either monetary or in kind.

What to put in Politics

For full disclosure, you mentioned if you receive some compensation through your site, either money for advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions or content. If you receive a compensation review products – even if it’s just a free product review – should reveal this. If you look honestly products regardless of any compensation you receive, you must also make this clear to your readers.

Conflict of interests

Also you delete non-financial incentives that may affect their opinions. Always relevant to the issues that plugs into your website, you should disclose things like boards or nonprofit where you serve, entrepreneurs, political parties are a member of, or people who are related. If there are no such conflicts of interest, you can also make this clear in its disclosure policy to help build confidence in their readers.

Location in place

The revelations of the FTC state regulations must be clear, visible and near the relevant claim. For example, if you claim that 100 percent of people like your product, but only five employees were surveyed, this rating must be clear about the claim itself, rather than in a separate disclosure page . Or if you have a free in exchange for a product review lunch, I noted in the article. However, you can create a separate disclosure page, in addition to these individual revelations, if desired.


The benefits of a disclosure policy goes beyond adherence to the regulations of the FTC. As on all his influences and potential biases transparent, and be proactive about denying them, you are reinforcing your credibility and integrity. If you are concerned about any negative impact such disclosure may have, consider what the effect might be otherwise disclose the compensation you receive, but were made public after by someone else.


A few months ago, a list of 25 films that we believe have the quality of illuminating the recurring dark world of closed rooms of politics. The result was a rewarding conversation with many readers that made us rethink the absence of key works, and has allowed us to discover some hidden treasures.

We present this proposal extended as an open dialogue and with the explicit aim to continue to expand the list to cover the real essential. A mea culpa to restart the debate: Miss less more Asian films!

First and foremost this type of engaged and engaging art is one call rather than contemplation to action. We hope that the brilliance of these works is may translate, at least a little, in actions closest to the common good to which the following films denounce loudly and all camera, project free tv with a huge amount of movies from romantic film to science fiction is willing to serve you so that you can Watch Movies Online everyday.

15 stunning works to open eyes

1. the great dictator -Charles Chaplin, United States

Osadisimo artistico-politico project, to the point that President Roosevelt contacted Chaplin to motivate him by the opposition of the film industry to its proposal. The film achieves an almost impossible balance: a comic satire of Hitler, while a forceful complaint public on the Holocaust of the Jews, built as the first anti-Nazi history feature. Chaplin, who was the silent film legend performed one of the most memorable speeches in the history of cinema, a humanist manifesto in its maximum expression.

2. Dr. Strangelove -Stanley Kubrick, England

Work of scathing reflection that was born in the zenith of the paranoia about the possibility of a nuclear war. Kubrick made a brilliant satire of the absurdity of the policy from the cold war logic, making perhaps the only film that makes us laugh at the real possibility of the end of the world. As if outside, the multiple roles of Peter Sellers have become his performance one of the most famous ever captured on celluloid.

 3.Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Click to watch Free Movies Online.

 4. Earth in Trance -Glauber Rocha, Brazil

A narrative synthesis of the Latin American political circus condensed in the history of the fictional but too real country “El Dorado”. The chaos of partisan fights, the blind fanaticism of the masses and corrupt greed for power are presented brilliantly by the bold eye of Rocha, who invites us to examine this reality from the eyes of an idealistic poet and journalist. A feast of the Avant-garde and an urgent invitation to think, discuss, and try to transform.

 5. Citizen Kane / process -Orson Welles, United States-France

This legendarily innovative film touches on the sore to the media of the United States Empire.“Citizen Kane” was the center of a fierce struggle that tried to destroy it even before being displayed.The history of this ill-fated attempt at artistic suppression has been on whether same inspiration of documentaries such as “The battle over Citizen Kane” and the film “RKO 281″. Less well known, his version of “The process” of Kafka is a penetrating meditation of the incomprehensible power wires.

 6. Memories of underdevelopment -Tomás Gutiérrez Alea, Cuba

A complex and profound reflection of the transition policy in Cuba under the cloak of the Castro revolution, experienced from the perspective of a bourgeois intellectual who tries to connect with the new socio-political reality of his people and of his life. His virtuoso and innovative staging and narrative is considered by many critics as the most important Latin American film of all time.

7. a very special day Ettore Scola, Italy

Special day takes place during the massive visit of Hitler to Mussolini in Rome, years before the great war began. Perhaps the film’s most intimate political reflection has filmed, a harrowing reflection on the influence of the totalitarian systems in the most vital human feelings. Also a luxury of performances: Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni, at the peak of his talent and charisma, show why they are one of the most legendary couples of the cinema.

8. The Edukators Hans Weingarther, Germany

Poratada of the film The Edukators. Source: Blog popular education cultural center

Favorite in our list of contemporary political films. Can be seen as the exciting setting in scene of the iconoclastic of a group of young revolutionaries methods, and at the same time considered as a stabbing not fatalistic essay about the defeat of the more radical leftist movementsto powerful temptations of capitalism.

9. Yawar Malku, the blood of the Condor -Jorge Sanjinés, Bolivia

A film acted in mother tongue by authentic indigenous where it reflects on marginalization and oppression that native peoples are subjected. The film presents a complaint openly the United States peace corps by sterilized indigenous women. In real life the shortly after the exhibition of the film, and during the cold war, the peace corps were expelled from Bolivia. This is political, revolutionary, and independent in its most pure and radical State cinema.

10. Xala -Ousmane Sembene, Senegal

Considered the father of African Cinema, Sembene, a writer who, at age 40, recognizes that the majority of the people of your country cannot read him, decides to become a film director. With brilliant irony and humor the film satirizes the post-independence endemic political corruption in Senegal. With effective symbols tells the tragicomic story of a powerful man who is discovered sexually impotent on his wedding day. “Xala” became one of the first African films to win international recognition.

11. v for vengeance (V for Vendetta) James McTeigue, United States

Fotograma de la película "V de Vendetta". Fuente: http://themovierat.com/

Curious beast in filmic Minotaur, half-grossing production with beautiful and talented heroine, and the thicker half of incisive, powerfully subversive work. V mask is the iconic symbol of many contemporary youth protests from Egypt to Brazil.If a political film should inspire conscious colectica mobilization, then this is one of the most remarkable specimens of the genre.

12. i… Like Icarus Henri Verneuil, France

Unheralded masterpiece that challenges with amazing precision and power of analysis the solitary sniper of the JFK Assassinationtheory, in this case recreating the event in a fictional country. Yves Montand plays the Attorney who refuses to sign the report of the investigative Commission and embarks on a dangerous process of independent research. An effective political thriller in a brutally provocative and unsettling way.

13. The tongue of the butterfliesJosé Luis rope, Spain

Frame in the film the butterfly’s tongue. Source: serueda.wordpress.com

With remarkable subtlety displays the gradual change in human hearts that can achieve the fear before the arrival of a dictatorship, in this case the victory of general Franco in the Spanish Civil War. A profound metaphor for the loss of innocence and the hope of an entire people, when we stop being able to tolerate the goodness.

14. companionsMario Monicelli, Italy

Showing humor, sensitivity, wit, and extraordinary performances under the guidance of an impressive Mastroniani, exposed the struggle of workers to improve their unfair working conditions in an Italian factory. A film that should be a case study mandatory for all applicants to reform a system.

15. lust, danger Ang Lee, Taiwan

Famous for its generous and controversial sex scenes – accomplished with masterful touch aesthetic, is actually a well accomplished and intense work of intrigue, seduction and political espionage at the highest level. Lee dusts off the ghosts of the Japanese occupation of the Chinese territory and creatively subversive movements that occurred.

The film about grace of Monaco Principality Riles

The children of the deceased Princess have described the new putlocker movies, which will open the Cannes film festival on Wednesday and Movie Tube, as a desecration of the memory of his mother

La película sobre Gracia de Mónaco irrita al Principado

Nicole Kidman characterized as grace of Monaco

With «Grace of Monaco» comes the scandal. In the view of Prince Alberto II and his sisters, princesses Stephanie and Carolina, Olivier Dahan film is a desecration of the memory of his mother, Grace Kelly, Princess and heroine of a fairy tale that ended in tragedy.

The brainchild of the Manager, Olivier Dahan, and its producer, Pierre-Ange Le Pogam, was very simple: count the metamorphosis of a great Star of Hollywood, Grace Kelly, in a Princess of legend, grace of Monaco. A mythical with a dramatic ending life, the automobile accident that took the lives of the Princess, in film circumstances, on the same road immortalized by Alfred Hitchcock in a famous film, starring Cary Grant and Grace Kelly, just.

The original idea of reviewing all his biography was soon adapted to the needs of the production. The film it would be limited to one of the dramatic moments of the history, to 1962, when Monaco lived a crisis serious with the France of general De Gaulle, when Aristóteles Onassis aspired to buy a “Kingdom of operetta” which wanted to «Crown» your life of billionaire Greek shipowner.

A film about grace of Monaco could not be rolled without the consent of Prince Alberto II, his son and heir. After a brief exchange of nuances and opinions, the Palace gave their go-ahead and the film could start rolling in Monaco, on the French Riviera, in Paris and in other European capitals.

With the filming began to produce the first rods. The advisors of Prince Albert put the cry in the sky before some ‘sensitive’ scenes.Producer and director corrected some details of these scenes, and shooting was completed in late 2012.

With the mounting of the film erupted quite major problems. The U.S. distributor rejected the first version of the film. The French producer wanted to intervene. In Monaco, Alberto II, Carolina and Stephanie began to filter your “concern”.

The American Distributor asked to “fully review» the first version of personal fitting by the director, which refused by principles. However, the compelling reasons for the North American market ‘advised’ some ‘flexibility’. But, finally, the Assembly demanded and achieved by the producer not convinced anything the director Olivier Dahan, who stated: “in reality, there are two films.» My version, the only one I recognize. And a second version, which have ridden them, which is not my film.

It was a first, violent clash. In Monaco, in Palace, the film began to become a nightmare. And began to emerge stormy reviews: ‘the film betrays and desecrates the memory of the Princess Grace’.«Alberto and her sisters not can consent that it is violated in that way the image and the memory of his mother».

The cross-fire of criticism from members of Prince Albert and North American dealer ended up opening a serious crisis. The producer and the director returned to check the two versions of the original film, until, finally, the project reappears when it is announced that”grace of Monaco” will open the next edition of the festival de Cannes.

For a few hours it was thought that there had been a reconciliation between Alberto II and Olivier Dahan, director of the film. And the feverish imagination of the hasty chroniclers announced the moment of glory of the arrival to the Palace of the festival de Cannes for the children of the Princess Grace: Alberto, Carolina and Stephanie, climbing the stairs that lead to the screening room where “Grace of Monaco” will be presented.

Moment of glory imaginary, that quickly became a nightmare.After a couple of days of waiting and reflection, the Palace of Monaco reacted with a relentless official statement, denouncing the treachery and the desecration of the memory of the deceased Princess.

“We cannot accept – read the statement of Prince Alberto II – that the historical reality is betrayed for purely commercial reasons”. The sons and heirs of grace of Monaco are considered victims deceived: «Palace reaffirms that this film can not claim to, in any way, be a filmed biography. «The trailer of the film confirms its imaginary character, which confirms the feared after the reading of the script: it’s a realization based on erroneous historical references and very dubious literary references».

Freedom of expression

Nobody will represent Monaco during the presentation of “Grace of Monaco”, at the opening of the Cannes film festival. Thierry Frémaux, general delegate of the event, has come to the passage of the reactions of Prince Albert, to defend the freedom of the filmmaker against ‘all kinds of pressure': “the film is the free expression of a creator who exercises his right to poetic expression”.

Nicole Kidman, who plays the character of Grace Kelly in fiction, trying to escape the controversy, but it has been forced to react in a very diplomatic way: «ever I have been so involved with the life of a character. I hope that their children will understand to what extent excites me, I respect and admire the life of Princess Grace».

Criticism, the scandal and the rejection of Monaco may give the film history of the most glorious of princesses a superb advertising, which will continue poking and illuminating the ashes and diamonds of a legend always alive and unbeaten against catastrophes of history.

In politics, there are more than 50 shades of gray

Subject to details that could prove a participation of other, Lula da Silva did not make anything not yet done and make other Governments and rulers.

The reputation of Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva would seem affected by the announcement that intervened on behalf of a huge company of Brazilian construction to obtain international contracts.

Oderbercht is one of the largest Brazilian construction companies, and became it in part by the preference of the Government to charge you mega-projects inside and outside the country.

The case against Odebrecht indicates that Lula da Silva called for the company to countries which attended to give lectures on development financed, certainly, by Odebrecht.

And if, on bet, Lula advocated by it during and after his rule. Nothing nice. Real.

But if Lula is punished by that intervention, could well punish the Brazilian Government – including the current regime and the former – and pass their claims to power.

Subject to details that could prove a participation of other, Lula da Silva did not make anything not yet done and make other Governments and rulers, including the Chinese, Turk, the South Korean, Russian, the U.S., French, British, German,

In other words, a policy of State to promote their companies and that these, in turn, not only result in earnings to the country of origin, but that help transform, improve or maintain its image and prestige in the power games

It is rather simple. The Government of this or that country, Brazilian in this case, announces it will help the construction of public works in such or which other nation. It is part of the foreign policy and having an international aid program also adorns all country with pretensions.

But, to do so, they will not use companies established in the country – or will be only complementary – but their own enterprises, which in some cases will take only the personnel of engineering and management, and in others, up to the workers.

Some countries, like the United States, favor their companies by law: any international assistance that will provide is through American products American establishments and until the necessary flights through American Airlines.

The Chinese have a reputation for sometimes take to their own crews.

The impact is positive because the investment is largely exploited by the donor: experts, experience, taxes, business profits and economic growth. And the receiver benefits at the same time of the work.

It is not pretty. It might even qualify as collusion or trading in influence, as in the case of Lula da Silva. But as the famous erotic book, in politics, there are more than fifty shades grey pdf.

Definition of Accounting Principles

Referred to as accounting principles a series of General policy which must be adhered to so that an individual or entity can be accountable to an organism. These principles provide uniform parameters for the development of a financial statement that reveals the heritage in question.

These principles provide uniform parameters for the development of a financial statement that reveals the heritage in question.


You often speak of generally accepted accounting principles, although the criteria depend on each country. 
The principles the basis for the exercise of accounting and provide several definitions, such as the following: is defined that a financial statement must always refer to goods with economic value; that heritage has to express itself in a legal tender coin and detailing cost per unit.


The most common principles of accounting, include the obligation that each account has two sections (should have) and that both sections should be equal (each creditor account is another u other debtors amounting to identical). The debit account picks up losses and expenses, while having account credited the earnings and equity.

It is important to note that the data recorded in the financial statements should be clearTherefore, the purpose of the accounting principles is that the financial situation of a person (natural or legal) can be interpreted and judged according to the displayed balances. This makes that the information dumped in the financial statements should be accurate, concise and accurate.

If you register a conflict between different accounting principles, must be one which, in the annual account, allow you to provide more faithful testimony about the financial situation.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common accounting principles:

* the financial States should always refer to economic goods. In other words, material or intangible assets that have an economic value and, therefore, can be valued at monetary level. Economic goods can also be classified according to own or others;

* choose a currency for the reflection of the heritage of a company in the financial statements, in the same way that it is necessary to value the assets through the application of a cost to the units. Generally, the currency of legal tender at the national level of the company is used in question as a common denominator;

* Another important accounting principles is the valuation at cost, which determines that it is necessary valuing the assets of a company at a cost of production or acquisitionIn the same way, should not be allowed that currency fluctuations alter this process in any way. Faced with aphenomenon of inflation, for example, the preferred way is any necessary adjustment to the full member expression to avoid these harmful changes;

* unless otherwise expressly stated, the financial statements are considered part of a “company in March”, i.e. the information that emerges from them serves to describe the life of an economic body that exists fully and has plans for the future ;

* the company has the obligation to perform a measurement of the result of its management with a certain frequency, and this can be done by legal, administrative, financial, Cloud bookkeeping or tax issues. The time used for this is called period, which usually has an extension of one year and is known as exercise;

* operations must be recorded at the time in which can prove its value and make sure that they have taken place. This accounting principle is fulfilled, for example, when two independent entities can make the same observation to a certain fact.

The catalan lawyer who has put in check the Government of Rwanda

El abogado Jordi Palou

Lawyer Jordi Palou

Lawyer Jordi Palou wants to do justice and to know the truth in a country as far away as Rwanda. It is convinced of the universal justice – that the Government curtailed during this parliamentary term-, activist, pacifist, mediator of conflicts and conscientious objector to military service. It is one of the few lawyers accredited to the International Criminal Court (there are 300) and now works as a director of the Memorial Democràtic of Catalonia.

“My interest started in the year 2000, when I met the families of two Catalan victims who were killed in Rwanda,” Palou told eldiario.es. That year, along with several professionals and national and international NGOs Palou prompted the International Forum for truth and justice in the Great Lakes of Africa

Five years later, in 2005, presented before the national court a complaint against the RPF (tutsi majority and currently in Government) for planned and systematic crimes against civilians in Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo from 1990 to 2002. Among them, the death of 9 Spanish missionaries and aid workers, who were tortured and murdered by uncomfortable witness of the massacres or the victims. The national court accepted the lawsuit, opened an investigation and issued a warrant of arrest against 40 members of the Rwandan military dome by terrorism, genocide or crimes against humanity, among others.

On June 20, one of the strong of the Rwandan Government, Karenzi Karake, man was detained at the airport of Heathrow (London) pursuant to that issued by Spain international arrest warrant. He is the general of the spies or in official language, general director of Rwanda National Intelligence and security services.

What did you do a senior Rwandan official in London arrest warrant? As the Minister of Rwandan justice to a local newspaper, “was on official duty for a week”. That is, working for the Rwandan intelligence in a European country.

El general ruandés Karake, detenido el Londres por el genocidio de 1994

The Rwandan general Karake, stopped the 1994 genocide the London

The British press wondering the next day by the specific mission in London of Karake and why they had entered several times without being arrested. There has been no response so far, but Palou reveals some political, as to his defence connections “is led by Cherie Blair, wife of the former Minister British, which is now personal advisor of Kagame”, the current President of Rwanda.

Palou received the news “of these 15 years of work and of the victims”. At the moment only this arrest has been effective.” “Most are in Rwanda because they fear the international arrest warrants, will be carefully not to move out of Africa”. There protected, after Rwandan President Kagame gained a majority support of the African Union for its member countries – all less Morocco – do not respond or accept to be judged by other countries or international courts. The Rwandan Government has described the arrest of ‘scandal’ and the Minister of Foreign Affairs has put his hands behind his head in what he considers “political harassment”

How just a Spanish lawyer struggling to make it justice in Rwanda? Its formation is closely linked to the mediation in conflicts and universal justice. “All of this has to do with peace movements. My intention is to accompany these peoples on their way to the truth, justice and the peaceful resolution of conflicts. These people who are fighting have much courage and carry all that drama with great dignity.”

Cherie Blair, abogada del militar Karake, entrando en el juzgado para defender al ruandés tras ser detenido en Londres / EFE

Cherie Blair, lawyer of the military Karake, entering the Court to defend the Rwandan arrested in London / EFE

Now that universal justice has been limited in Spain, whichhas led to close cases such as the murder of cameraman Jose Couso, happens with the general detainee “is a mystery,” Palou said. Once arrested and claimed by judge Andreu to be extradited to Spain, the decision shall be in the hands of British justice. “At the end of October there will be a view of extradition and they will say that the business law firm in Israel has changed in Spain and Spanish jurisdiction will say that it is possible.”He has stopped to Karake for genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, terrorism and membership in armed bands.

You can not return to Rwanda at the moment, although he was released on bail in London a 1.4 million “that were paid to the next day”. They have given an electronic wrist control to avoid it to leak.

On the role of the Spanish Government in this pursuit of reparation and justice, the lawyer has to “face to the public are in favour of the Spanish victims, but outside to ask for the extradition of another military officer who is in South Africa – general Kayumba Nyamwasa – hasn’t done anything”.

Quizá nunca se sabrá cuántos muertos provocó el genocidio en Ruanda. Se calculan que entre 500.000 y 1.000.000. Si la cifra de 800.000 víctimas, la más barajada, es la más exacta, equivaldría al 11% del total de la población y al 80% de los tutsis que vivían en el país. Fotografía: Juan Carlos Tomasi /MSF

Cemetery in Rwanda

While this happens, the wound of Rwanda still bleeding.The lawyer, who also works through the Forum on dialogue between the three ethnic groups – hutu, tutsi, twa – as work complementary to the judicial battle, has that continues to imprison opponents and activists who fight for peace.“There is a political leader who has participated in this process, which left his family and exile to return Rwanda and submitted to the elections and was tortured in prison, where is 5 years.”

If everything goes well and will extradite Karake, next year could be held a trial against him. “There are many families who suffer. We have the opportunity to see this in a process with all the guarantees”.

“Without true justice will only be arbitrary, even can happen that the victims are presented as torturers and executioners as liberators”, says one of the slogans of the Forum. In the Rwandan conflict the tutsi have been recognized as victims of a terrible genocide in 1994 at the hands of the hutu – led to the fiction in the film ‘Hotel Rwanda’ – and they are also now pursued by Justice for the abuses and crimes committed before that year 1994 and from it, when they came to power.

“In Spain also happened to Franco at the end of the war was presented as a deliverer, but he committed serious crimes. I hope all of this to a new democratic and inclusive society”, concludes Palou.


The Mexican government offered 14 million dollars to the Sony company and the youtubeonfire in exchange for modifying the script for the new movie 2k 007 “Spectre”.

The government of Mexico asked the producer that: The film was not assassinated the mayor of Mexico City, but an international leader; that the murderer was not Mexican, and Mexican police did not appear.

According to the specialized site Tax Analysts, a month before the start of filming of the movie, the producers of the new James Bond movie actor received an internal e-mail from Sony in which they were asked to modify the script.

That email was leaked because the internal information system Sony was hacked.

Jonathan Glickman, president of Metro Goldwin Mayer (partner of the film), asks producers also filmed the most modern skyscraper in the Federal District and used a Mexican actress in the film.

“They do a great job to win the incentive of Mexico,” Glickman asked in the internal mail.

The study allowed the Mexican government run casting decisions, dictate the ethnic traits of the characters and scenes change.

It is said that other tax changes to the script are:

– The murderer who was Mexican, must be of another nationality.
– The owner of the hotel hosting the 007 should be a national actress (that would be the role played by Stephanie Sigman)
– The officer pursued the criminal amid a celebration of Day Dead
– If aerial shots of modern buildings in the Mexican capital are included, receive extra support production of 6 million dollars.

Government pays for change James Bond film